SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS for 10 Year Olds in the USA

SMALL BUSINESS IDEAS for 10 Year Olds in the USA

Explore fun and achievable small business ideas perfect for 10 year olds in the USA. Dive into everything from pet sitting to tech help, and kickstart your entrepreneurial adventure now!

Starting a small business can be exciting for young entrepreneurs, even those as young as 10. 

It is not just about making money but about learning responsibility, hard work value, and financial management basics. 

In the USA, young minds have ample opportunities to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. 

Here, we present ten categories, each with five small business ideas tailored for 10-year-olds, providing a brief overview of how they can start their business journey.

Pet Care Services

  1. Dog Walking: Offer to walk dogs in your neighbourhood. Create flyers to advertise your services and set a schedule that does not interfere with schoolwork.
  2. Pet Sitting: Look after pets while their owners are away. Make sure to learn about the specific needs of each pet you care for.
  3. Pet Grooming: Offer basic grooming services like bathing and brushing. You might need some initial guidance from an adult.
  4. Homemade Pet Treats: Bake and sell pet-friendly treats. Research recipes online and ensure all ingredients are safe for pets.
  5. Pet Toy Making: Create and sell homemade pet toys. Use safe, durable materials and get creative with your designs.

Crafts and Homemade Goods

  1. Handmade Jewelry: Design and create bracelets, necklaces, or earrings to sell online or at local craft fairs.
  2. Custom Greeting Cards: Design greeting cards for various occasions. Use your artistic skills to make unique cards.
  3. Decorative Candles: Learn candle making and sell your creations. Be sure to do this with adult supervision.
  4. Knitted Goods: If you enjoy knitting, create scarves, hats, or mittens to sell during colder months.
  5. Personalized T-shirts: Design and create personalized T-shirts. You can use fabric paints or learn screen printing techniques.

Yard and Garden Services

  1. Lawn Mowing: Offer lawn mowing services in your neighbourhood. Ensure you are comfortable and safe using a lawn mower with adult supervision.
  2. Weeding and Plant Care: Help maintain gardens by weeding and caring for plants. This could also include watering plants for neighbours on vacation.
  3. Garden Planting Assistance: Assist in planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Learn about different plants and their care requirements.
  4. Leaf Raking and Disposal: Offer to rake leaves and dispose of them properly during fall.
  5. Snow Shoveling: In winter, offer to shovel driveways and sidewalks for neighbours.

Educational Services

  1. Tutoring for Younger Kids: Offer tutoring services in subjects you excel in, such as math, reading, or science.
  2. Music Lessons: If you play an instrument well, consider giving lessons to other kids who want to learn.
  3. Art Classes: Teach basic drawing or painting classes if you have a knack for art.
  4. Computer Skills Training: Teach younger children basic computer skills or simple coding.
  5. Homework Help Service: Offer to help younger students with homework after school.

Entertainment and Performance

  1. Magic Shows: Learn and perform magic tricks for birthday parties or local events.
  2. Puppet Shows: Create your puppets and put them on shows for kids in the neighbourhood or at local events.
  3. Balloon Twisting: Learn balloon twisting to entertain at parties or community events.
  4. Face Painting: Offer face painting at local fairs or birthday parties. Practice safe and washable paints.
  5. Music Performances: If you are part of a band or play an instrument solo, offer to perform at local events.

Tech Services

  1. Basic Tech Support: Help people set up new devices or troubleshoot simple tech problems.
  2. Social Media Assistant: Offer to manage or set up social media accounts for family-owned businesses.
  3. Video Editing: Learn video editing to offer services for creating family memories or small business promotions.
  4. Website Design for Beginners: With adult help, learn to create simple websites or blogs.
  5. Digital Art: If you have a talent for digital art, offer your services for logo design or digital portraits.

Baking and Cooking

  1. Home Bakery: Bake cookies, cupcakes, or bread to sell. Always check for food safety and local regulations.
  2. Lemonade Stand: A classic business idea. Offer fresh lemonade or other simple beverages during hot weather.
  3. Healthy Snacks: Create and sell healthy snack options for after-school or sports practice.
  4. Cooking Classes: Teach other kids how to make simple dishes if you have a talent for cooking.
  5. Themed Food Sales: Create food items based on themes or holidays and sell them at events or to family and friends.

Recycling and Upcycling

  1. Recycling Service: Collect recyclables from neighbours and take them to recycling centres.
  2. Upcycled Crafts: Create art or useful items from recycled materials and sell them.
  3. Eco-Friendly Products: Make and sell eco-friendly products like reusable bags or beeswax wraps.
  4. Clothing Swap Coordinator: Organize clothing swap events to promote sustainable fashion.
  5. Handmade Paper: Make and sell handmade paper or products from recycled paper.

Event Services

  1. Kids’ Party Planner: Help plan and organize entertainment for birthday parties.
  2. Handmade Party Decorations: Create and sell unique party decorations.
  3. Photography Services: If you have a good eye, offer photography services for family events or kids’ sports games.
  4. Event Clean-Up Crew: Offer to help clean up after events or parties.
  5. Invitation Design: Design and sell customized invitations for events and parties.

Virtual Services

  1. Online Tutoring: Utilize video calls to tutor students in subjects you excel in.
  2. Virtual Assistant for Students: Help organize schedules, research projects, or manage emails for older students.
  3. eBook Writing and Illustration: Write short stories or create illustrations and sell them as eBooks.
  4. Online Art Gallery: Create a platform to showcase and sell your artwork.
  5. Stream Your Gaming: If you are good at video games, consider streaming your gameplay or offering gaming tips.

Starting a small business as a 10-year-old in the USA is not only possible but can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience. 

The key is to choose an idea that matches your interests and skills and, importantly, always work under an adult’s guidance and supervision. 

These small business ideas can help ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in young minds, teaching valuable lessons in finance, responsibility, and the importance of hard work.

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